Shires, Shorthorns and Sheep: Exploring Livestock Systems in England


  • Dates: May 7 - 21, 2019
  • Course Credit: ACS 333 (3 hour)
  • Program Director: Camie Heleski,
  • This program is open to undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture, Food & Environment.

The majority of this program will be based in London, which boasts some of the best museums, most beautiful architecture, and most fascinating cultural sites in all of Europe. We'll also see the beautiful, rolling countryside while visiting various livestock facilities that range in size, scope and species cared for. Heritage breeds are emphasized by several of the centers. We'll spend roughly 1/3 of our time visiting livestock facilities, 1/3 of our time visiting horse facilities and 1/3 of our time experiencing cultural and historical sites and events. There is an emphasis in this program of seeing how niche markets (e.g. a sheep dairy/cheese processing center) can be viable. We'll also discuss various parts of the supply chain process from farm to table. Punting on the river, watching the horse races and watching a Shakespearean theater production will be amongst the cultural activities we partake in.

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