Sustainable  Rural  Development  in  Indonesia:  Religions  &  Sustainability 


  • Dates: March 9-24, 2019
  • Course Credit: CLD 395 (3 hour)
  • Program Director: Dr. Keiko Tanaka,
  • This program is open to undergraduate students from all academic disciplines. 

“Sustainable Rural Development in Indonesia,” is an exploration of sustainable development with focus on evaluating land use and cultural change from social, economic and environmental perspectives.  We will focus specifically on the role of religions in shaping both concepts and practices surrounding “sustainable development” in Java, Sumatra, and Bali.  Students will be introduced to the challenges to sustainable development in Indonesia through course literature, guest lectures from in-country experts, and field observations.  Students will be trained in participant observation and appreciative inquiry techniques to engage with community members to explore course concepts.   Emphasis will be placed on evaluating challenges and proposed solutions to sustainable development in the context of traditional farming and cultural systems, key historical events, and emerging development trends.   

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