An internship is a professional-level learning experience in the workplace. It provides an opportunity to apply learning from the classroom in a real situation.

  • May be paid or unpaid
  • May be full- or part-time
  • May be local, national, or international
  • May be for academic credit or non-credit (Immigration laws require that international students register for credit).

How can I benefit?

  • Obtain professional experience in your field
  • Learn about your own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, values, etc.
  • Develop skills such as professionalism, leadership, and problem-solving
  • Make valuable contacts
  • Help define your career path

How can I participate?

  • You must be enrolled as a UK student—any major, any class level, any GPA
  • Obtaining an internship involves an application and interview process with an employer; you will need to prepare a resume and may want to practice interviewing. Ask us for help!