Landscape Architecture: The Pacific Northwest


  • Dates: May 10 - 24, 2019
  • Course Credit: LA 390 (3 hour) + EAP 599 (1 hour)
  • Program Director: Dr. Ryan Hargrove,
  • This program is open to undergraduate students from all academic disciplines, but will be particular interest to students in Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture in the Pacific Northwest is a two-week opportunity to experience contemporary landscape architecture, urban design, natural landscapes, and select landscape architecture firms. Students participating in the program will experience the cities of Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.UBC

Vancouver is the most densely populated city in Canada. The result is a compact urban core that has gained international recognition for its "high amenity and 'livable' development". More recently, the city has been debating "EcoDensity"—ways in which density, design, and land use can contribute to environmental sustainability, affordability, and livability. Compare this with its neighboring cities in Seattle and Portland which are recognized as two of the most sustainable and eco-friendly cities in the United States.

By participating in this program, students will experience and deepen their knowledge of public space design, urban design, contemporary landscape architecture practice, and the relationship between large urban cities and their natural surroundings. Students will also enjoy an immersive experience in photography as a means to capture environmental information, and will learn to compose, critique, and edit better and more compelling photographs. Periodic evening group discussion and critique sessions will allow students to share photographs and to offer each other commentary and critique. All students in the program will work together to create a photographic cross section of the program and knowledge gained for presentation in fall 2019.


  • Seattle: Chophouse Row, Bell Street Park, VIA6, 12th Avenue Arts, Grow Community, Aurora Avenue North, and more!
  • Vancouver: Concord Pacific Palace, Southeast False Creek, The Rise, Woodward's, Botanical Gardens, and more!
  • Portland: South Waterfront, One North, Adidas Village, Burnside Rocket, Hassalo on Eighth, Japanese Garden, and more!

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