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  • How do I find out who my advisor is?
    Login to myUK. Click “myRecords”. Your advisor will be listed in the top right hand corner of the page. If you have no advisor please contact the Center for Student Success in N24 Agricultural Science Center at 859-257-3468.
  • When should I meet with my advisor?
    Agriculture Advising begins 2-3 weeks before registration opens. You can check the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment  website for exact dates, but its mid-March – mid-April for Summer and Fall terms and mid-October – mid-April for Winter and Spring terms. If you have questions during other times of the year feel free to call or email your advisor with questions or to schedule an appointment.

  • What is an “advisor hold”?
    An advisor hold is in place to ensure that you meet with your advisor and discuss your class schedule prior to registering for classes. If you have met with an advisor, and your hold has not been lifted, please contact the Center for Student Success in N24, Agriculture Science Center or 859-257-3468.

  • How do I make an advising appointment?
    During peak advising times the majority of advisors utilize the myUK scheduler, but each advisor may schedule appointments a little differently.  
    Typical Scheduling Instructions:
    - Log in to myUK
    - Click on 'myInfo"
    - Click "myAppointments"
    - Select your primary college 
    - Click "Academic Advising"
    - Choose a date highlighted in blue

  • What if my advisor is unavailable (out of town, out of country, on sabbatical leave, etc.)?
    If your advisor is unavailable you may meet with another advisor in his/her absence.  Please visit the College of Agriculture website for a complete list of advisors or call 859-257-3468.

  • What should I bring to my advising appointment?
    It’s important to come prepared. Review your degree requirements by visiting APEX and have an idea of some classes you’d like to take. Keep in mind that some classes are only offered once a year. Write down any questions you may have for your advisor in advance so you don’t forget during your meeting. Most importantly, be on time!
  • What is UK Core?
    One of the benefits of a bachelor’s degree is completing the degree and walking away with an understanding of many concepts in several areas.  UK Core is the general education component of your degree. It provides students with an opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects and how they can apply to real life. While selecting your UK Core courses please refer to your advisor and your program major sheet. Some degree programs have suggested UK Core courses to fulfill program requirements and/or prerequisites. UK course listings can be found on this page or via the course catalog located in myUK.  

  • Can I substitute another class to count towards a UK Core requirement?
    This may be possible if you’ve already taken the course elsewhere; however, it’s best to discuss this with your advisor or the Advising Resource Center prior to filing a petition. If you took the course at another institution and you’re waiting for it to be evaluated check with the Transfer Equivalency Office located in the Funkhouser Building first.

  • What is the Graduation Composition & Communication Requirement (GCCR)?
    In addition to the Writing Requirement within UK Core  Composition and Communication I and II (CIS/WRD 110 and 111 or CIS/WRD 112), you’re also required to fulfill the GCCR requirement. This requirement ensures a minimum level of writing upon graduation with an undergraduate degree. You must have 30 credit hours earned prior to taking the GCCR course and have credit for UK Core Composition and Communication I and II. Finally, students must earn a “C” average on Comp and Comm intensive assignments to earn GCCR credit.

  • Can I get credit for my internship?
    Yes, however, the internship credit must be approved. Please discuss with your advisor which internship course is best for you. Many programs have a required internship course built into their curriculum. Please take the following steps to enroll:

    1. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss the internship. It’s a good idea to have this conversation the semester before you intend to begin an internship.
    2. Before your appointment, review the learning contract (need to link).
    3. Complete the document after speaking with your advisor.
    4. Acquire signatures: Your advisor, the chair of your department and don’t forget your own signature.
    5. Speak with your advisor about the submission process. Some forms must be turned into the department and others can be turned directly into N24 Agricultural Science Center.