• Dates: Summer Semester Course, Travel Component: May 14 - 29 
  • Course Credit:  AEC 300  (3 hours)
  • Program Director: Ashley Holt, Quentin Tyler 
  • This program is open to all students in Equine Science and Management or Animal Sciences

This program will focus on the merging and persistent issues of diverse communities by analyzing the constructs and considering implications of various localities.  While in Peru, students will experience international culture, discuss climate change, visit Peruvian markets and museums, participate in a service-learning project, and examine modern-day farming methods.  

Students will develop skills, knowledge and understanding that will help them communicate and engage more appropriately and effectively in both Peru and in other intercultural contexts. They will explore various topics in intercultural communication in the context of education abroad, and will practice intercultural learning processes that can be applied in a wide variety of contexts. Participants will increase their own cultural self-awareness and develop personal leadership skills to become more effective in an interdependent world.

Applications for this Education Abroad have passed, check back next semester.