The following is a list of questions and considerations for faculty planning to develop an education abroad program.  During ideation and development, each of the following areas should be carefully evaluated in order to maximize the investment made by both student participants and the faculty director. 

Considering the "Three C's"


  • Does the program offer academic credit that appeals to a broad number of students?
  • Is it possible to offer a pre-major or major course requirement?
  • Is it possible to offer UK Core or 300+ level credit?
  • Do prerequisites for the course minimize the potential applicant pool? 
  • Is it possible to list the course across more than one department?
  • If graduate and undergraduate credit is offered, does the coursework appropriately reflect it?


  • Does time spent on-site make travel costs worthwhile? 
  • Are required, paid excursions directly connected to course content? 
  • Is housing (and meals, if included) a good value compared to independent student travel?
  • Do exchange rates greatly impact in-country expenses?
  • When all expenses are calculated, is overall cost per day reasonable?


  • Is the program location directly relevant to course content? 
  • Does recent civil or political unrest create a concern for student safety?
  • Is this an appealing destination for students? 
  • Is the host location easily accessible? 
  • Will there be time to address language and cultural differences prior to departure?