• Dates: Spring Semester Course, Travel Component: May 10 - 24 
  • Course Credit:  EQM 300 (3 hours)
  • Program Director: Camie Heleski, Kamilah Grant
  • This program is open to undergraduate students from all academic disciplines. Students from other universities may also participate on this program after completing a transient student application

NOTE:  Due to State Department alerts, the university requires students on this program to complete travel waivers. Click the link below for more information. 

How much do you know about Mexico, our sister to the south? Mexico is one of the most beautiful, culturally rich and historically significant countries of the world. The state of Oaxaca offers an outstanding combination of diverse topography, from petrified water falls to coastal areas that are home to some of the most important sea turtle sanctuaries in the world. Oaxaca City offers profound cultural sites that are breathtaking, e.g. the pre-Columbian archaeological site of Monte Alban.

On this program, students will have the opportunity to see the wonderfully athletic breed of horse called the Azteca. Students will also visit Cuilapam de Guerro, where the focus will be on work animals as well as sheep and goat production. In addition, the program will take students to Etla to see a dairy production site, and Octolan to visit an animal market. Mid-way through the program the group will travel down to Puerto Escondido, where students will have an opportunity to view a cattle production operation, a horse breeder, and a crocodile habitat and sea turtle exhibit.

Applications for this Education Abroad have passed, check back next semester.