• Dates: Summer Semester Course, Travel Component: May 8 - 21 
  • Course Credit: FAM 475 (3 hours)
  • Program Director: Hyungsoo Kim 
  • This program is open to undergraduate students from all academic disciplines. 

This program to Korea and Japan will visit the two cities of Seoul and Kyoto, and two world-class universities: Seoul National University and Kyoto University. Seoul, a dynamic mega-city, has been the capital of Korea for 624 years (since 1392). Kyoto, an exquisite city, was the capital of Japan from 794 CE to 1869 CE (1,075 years). With these two locations as a classroom, students will spend two weeks exploring family life, consumer experiences and culture in Korea and Japan. 

Topics covered in this program include family relations, healthy food and school menus, fashion and consumption patterns, older adult care and child care, and traditional and contemporary culture: from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity to Buddhist temples to K-POP.

Applications for this Education Abroad have passed, check back next semester.