What are the options for faculty wanting to create a program?

  • Teach with a UK Consortium Organization
    UK faculty members can opt to teach abroad through one of UK EA’s consortia partners, such as the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) and the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA). Faculty members can apply to teach through an pre-established program or they may propose a new program.  Note: Faculty working through a consortium organization are not required to work through processes outlined by the college's Education Abroad Committee.  Instead, faculty will work with the respective consortium to complete application and logistics materials.  In addition, faculty teaching with consortia partners will recruit students from schools across the region.
  • Develop Program with Partner Organization Assistance:

    UK Education Abroad & Exchanges (UK EA) works with reputable affiliate organizations to customize international programs. The support complements  student learning objectives and enhances the program with culturally-engaging and academically-enriching experiences.  Faculty work with UK EA and partner organizations to explore itinerary options based on academic objectives. Faculty customizing programs will have additional promotion and recruitment support from their affiliate partners. This may include customized marketing materials, promotion on social media and assistance with classroom presentations or info sessions.  Affiliate partners will also prepare students for travel, from providing pre-departure orientation sessions to supporting any necessary travel documents (i.e. visas). In some cases, partners can send a representative to campus to meet with faculty and  students in-person.  

  • Develop Program Independently
    UK faculty members may choose either to arrange program logistics on their own, or work with one of UKEA’s affiliated partners to establish, a new faculty-directed program abroad. Working with their sponsoring department and college, faculty members determine the academic course(s) to be taught, the location that best fits the course(s), the student learning outcomes and the preferred program dates and duration. Then, UK EA either connects the faculty member with an affiliated partner to arrange the academic and on-site logistics, or provides the faculty member with the framework to arrange those logistics themselves. UK EA also assists with program promotion, helps to establish and maintain the program's budget and orients the faculty member on best practices for health safety and student behavior abroad.

When are programs offered?

  • Most Faculty-Directed programs run during the summer months or the winter term between fall and spring. Additionally, there is an option to supplement a semester course with a short travel component (e.g. during spring break). With approval from the department and college, there are also options to teach an entire semester abroad with a cohort of students.

How many credits should be awarded on the program?

  • Course credit awarded through education abroad programs varies on duration, subject and other factors associated with the program. Generally, faculty develop a minimum of a three-credit hour course for two-week education abroad programs.  Faculty may develop two three-credit hours course for four to six-week education abroad programs (six credit hours total).  Faculty are encouraged to use the university's contact hour guidelines for assigning credit hours (i.e. one credit hour = 44 contact hours; two credit hours = 96 contact hours; three credit hours = 144 contact hours). NOTE: All students earning credit abroad will also be enrolled in the one-credit hour EAP 599 course and complete the associated coursework.