Education Abroad PRogram Development College of AgricultureThe following is a general timeline for faculty developing new education abroad programs. 

14 - 12 months prior to departure

IDEATION: Discuss ideas and decide whether to teach with a consortia of other professors, work with a third-party organizer or direct a program independently. Course offerings and program location may also be determined. Preliminary conversations with the  Education Abroad Committee and departmental chair will be helpful. 

12 - 9 months prior to departure

SUBMIT A PROPOSAL: Visit and complete the UK Education Abroad (UK EA) program proposal.  Get appropriate departmental approval (i.e. department chair).  Submit to Amanda Saha so the proposal can be reviewed by the college’s Education Abroad Committee. Make subsequent changes to program format as recommended.  

COMPLETE A BUDGET: Work with UK EA office and/or the affiliate partner customizing your program to establish an advertised price for your program which includes housing, airfare, activities, etc.

9 months prior to departure

CURRICULUM APPROVAL: Complete course(s) syllabus and send to the  Education Abroad Committee for approval.

PROMOTE THE PROGRAM: Work with Seth Riker, Marketing and Communications Manager in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and UK Education Abroad to promote the program. Attend the UK EA Fall/Spring Fairs, hold information sessions, and present in classes. Also take advantage of promoting the program through social media, sending emails to student listservs and distributing flyers across campus.

6 - 3 months prior to departure

ATTEND UK EA FACULTY TRAININGS: UK EA regularly hosts training sessions on such topics such as health and safety, student behavior, finance management, issues on diversity, etc. These sessions are designed to best prepare you to successfully teach students abroad.


Approx. 1 -2 months prior to depature

PREDEPARTURE ORIENTATIONS:  Hold a meeting(s) with students in the program to discuss logistics. cultural expectations, course objectives and more.  One predeparture orientation will be hosted by UK EA, but faculty may consider hosting others. 

COURSE BEGINS MEETING: Some instructors may decide to hold program-related sessions prior to departure.  This is especially true in the case of embedded education abroad programs, where instructors hold an on-campus course with an international travel component.