• Dates: Summer Term Course: July 3 - 18
  • Course Credit: AEC 300 (3 hours)
  • Program Director: Leigh Maynard, Timothy Woods 
  • This program is open to undergraduate students from all academic disciplines. 

Food marketing in France and Europe is quite different from the U.S. Students on this program will encounter different products, supply chain systems and marketing strategies while in France and Switzerland. Among a few of the unique products students will specifically encounter include mustard, black current/cassis, wine, anise, cheese, chocolate, and Herens breed cows. 

Students will also see a variety of labels for marketing, among them including Appellation D’origine Controlee (AOC), Label Rouge, Agriculture Biologique (EU certified organic), Grand and Premier Cru (wine) and protected geographic indication (PGI).  Specific markets and businesses included in the program include the larger organizations such as the Paris Rungis Market, Nestle, and Dijon Cereales Cooperative, as well as smaller artisan food companies.

Applications for this Education Abroad have passed, check back next semester.