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  • How do I choose a major?
    If you’re undecided on a major you have several options. If you’re trying to decide between a few you’re more than welcome to schedule an appointment with major specific advisors to learn more about the program.  You may explore majors here: www.uky.edu/academics/. Also, The James W. Stuckert Career Center and the Counseling and Testing Center offer free services to UK students including individual career counseling, workshops and computer-based career assessments.

  • How do I change my major?
    Go to your current college and tell them you’re switching your major. You’ll be given a major change sheet or file (depending on the college) and you’ll take it to your new college. Some programs have selective admission, if you’re planning to earn a degree in the following colleges you’ll need to contact them to apply prior to changing your major: Business & Economics, Nursing, Social Work, Health Sciences, or Communications and Information Studies. Once you’re accepted be sure to bring proof of acceptance when picking up your file from your old college.

  • When can I change my major?
    If you’re changing your major within the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment it can be done at anytime in the Advising Resource Center N24 Agricultural Science Center and fill out a short form. To transfer out of the college please refer to the University Academic Calendar.

  • How do I add a second major or degree?

  • What is a double major?
    A student working towards a degree will complete all university, college, major and pre-major requirements. In addition, a student may choose to complete all major and pre-major requirements in another area . This may be done concurrently or once the first degree is earned. It will not result in additional degrees. However, the second major will be reflected on the student’s transcript. It is recommended that a student have an advisor in their degree area as well as their second major area. A student may add a double major by notifying N24 Agricultural Science Center. Depending on the major, additional steps may necessary. Please note a graduate student must have special permission from the graduate school.

  • What is a double degree?
    A double degree will result in two earned degrees. A student must complete all university, college, pre-major, and major requirements for the primary degree and for the secondary degree; however, it is possible for requirements in one degree to fulfill parallel requirements in the second degree. A student must earn a minimum of 144 between both degrees. Students may earn two degree concurrently and are required to have an advisor in each degree program.

  • What is a minor? 

  • How do I add a minor?

  • How do I get accepted into the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment?
    While many of the degree programs within the college have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.0, some do have selective admission or require a higher GPA. For a complete list of degree requirements please see the appropriate major sheet.