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  • What tutoring services are available at UK?
    The University offers several great tutoring options, including:

General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Learning Centers located in 133 Chem Phys Building and 25 Chem Phys Building, respectively.
Mathskeller (Math Resource Center) is located in White Hall Classroom Building.
Presentation U (a multimodal communication center) Assistance with speeches, academic papers, group presentations, slideshows, digital projects, etc.
The Study, located on the 3rd Floor of the Commons, offers peer tutoring in Chemistry, Math, Biology, Philosophy, Statistics, Physics, Sociology, Political Science and Language.
The Study North, located on the first floor of Champions Court 1.
The Writing Center, located in the Thomas Clark Study on the 5th floor of WT Young Library is available to assist you in writing papers regardless of the class (not just English).

  • Where do I go if I have a dispute about a grade or a conflict with an instructor?
    First, discuss the problem with your instructor if you’re comfortable doing so. If you feel you have an academic problem and you’re unable to resolve it with your instructor you may schedule an appointment with the Associate Dean for Instruction located in N6 Agricultural Science Cemter by calling 859-257-3468. Another option available to you is to contact the University Academic Ombud. The Ombud, located in 109 Bradley Hall, is available to assist students and instructors in resolving academic conflicts. The office keeps everything said confidential and will not notify anyone of your situation without permission.

  • What is the reinstatement procedure after being suspended?
    For reinstatement into the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment please contact the Center for Student Success located in N24 Ag Science North (859-257-3468) to schedule an appointment. The procedure varies depending on first or second reinstatement; however, both processes start by contacting the appropriate ARC. 
  • How do I file for academic bankruptcy?
    To begin the process, please contact the Center for Student Success located in N24 Agricultural Science Center at 859-257-3468.

  • How do I apply for Kentucky residency?
    There are several guidelines to follow regarding Kentucky residency. For information please visit the Registrar’s website or call 859-257-3256.