Unlike other programs in our college, Entomology is an individualized program.  This means we will work with each student to build a plan of study that allows them to fully explore this area.

Entomology is the scientific study of insects, spanning the breadth of biology from molecules to ecosystems. If you are seeking a career in the life sciences that will offer intellectual challenges, diverse opportunities, and the satisfaction of contributing to human well being, then you should consider studying Entomology. Students work closely with their advisor to develop a curriculum best suited to their academic interests and career goals.

No other animal group comes close to matching insects in terms of diversity and impact on humans. Beneficial insects pollinate our crops, form critical links in ecological food chains, and help suppress populations of pest species.

Harmful insects damage crops, forests, livestock, and other commodities, and some spread serious human diseases. Entomology is unique among the biological sciences in offering numerous career opportunities in both basic and applied fields.

Entomology Opportunities

Within the Department of Entomology, there are several opportunities available to give you hands-on experience:

  • Internships
  • Undergraduate research projects
  • Employment opportunities
  • In addition to University- and College-wide scholarships, several other scholarships are reserved for Entomology undergraduates.

With more than a million different kinds of insects, the excitement of discovery and learning never ends!

Pre-Professional Tracks

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment has specialized advising services for students planning to attend professional school (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, etc.).  

In addition to helping students fulfill foundational coursework, the college's pre-professional advisor also helps student secure relevant experience such as internships, volunteer opportunities, and job shadowing positions. 

For more information on the college's pre-professional advising, click here.