The Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition offers appropriate preparation for further study in health related sciences, including, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, and graduate studies in nutrition.
Human Nutrition students have the opportunity to gain experiential learning through undergraduate research and shadowing hours in a clinical setting with DHN faculty and practicing Physician Assistant. Our students also participate in the Deans Interprofessional Honor’s Colloquium (DIHC) with students from other undergraduate and professional health-related programs.
DHN offers an undergraduate certificate in Nutrition for Human Performance, which is of particular interest to those pursuing physical therapy or sports medicine. Elective coursework in obesity, food security, and diet and culture are also open to interested students.

Potential Career Pathways

  • Dentist*
    2016 Median Salary: $159,770 per year
    Job Outlook: 18% (faster than average growth)
  • Health Educator
    2016 Median Salary: $53,070 per year
    Job Outlook: 13% (faster than average growth)
  • Pharmacists
    2016 Median Salary: $122,230 per year 
    Job Outlook: 6%
  • Physical Therapists
    2016 Median Salary:  $85,400 per year 
    Job Outlook:  28% (Much faster than average)
  • Physician Assistants
    2016 Median Salary: $101,480 per year
    Job Outlook:  37% (Much faster than average)
  • Optometrists
    2016 Median Salary: $106,140 per year 
    Job Outlook: 18% (Much faster than average)

Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics 

*Post-graduate work required

Student Groups Associated with this Program

Our college supports dozens of organizations to help students apply their learning outside the classroom and gain valuable work and leadership experience.  To learn more about the organizations listed below, click here.

Pre-Professional Tracks

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment has specialized advising services for students planning to attend professional school (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, etc.).  

In addition to helping students fulfill foundational coursework, the college's pre-professional advisor also helps student secure relevant experience such as internships, volunteer opportunities, and job shadowing positions. 

For more information on the college's pre-professional advising, click here.