Dairy Judging Team

The University of Kentucky Dairy Judging Team was established to educate students on dairy cattle evaluation.  Students will learn how to to proper evaluate and rank dairy cattle for milk production and longevity based on physical characteristics.  By joining the Dairy Judging Team students will be given the opportunities to travel around the United States, networking with dairy producers, animal science industry representatives, and high school and 4-H agriculture instructors, work with dairy cattle, aid with dairy judging clinics, and visit working dairy farms.  Team members will also have the opportunity to compete collegiality at the All American Dairy Show, World Dairy Expo, and the North American Livestock Expo.  No dairy experience is required, all students are welcome to join!

Coach: Derek Nolan
Livestock Judging Team Facebook

Livestock judging consists of carefully analyzing animals (beef cattle, sheep, swine and goats) and measuring them against a standard that is commonly accepted as being ideal. There are numerous benefits to gain from competing on a livestock judging team. In the course of training and competition students are given the opportunity to interact with future leaders of the livestock industry. Students develop a keen sense of judgment and confidence to make a decision that is defended in a set of oral reasons. At the University of Kentucky team members compete at Dixie National Livestock Show, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, All-East, Keystone International Livestock Expo, Premier Stockman, American Royal and North American Livestock Expo. 

Coach: Corbin Cowles

Meats Judging Team

The Meats Judging Team trains students to accurately evaluate a range of wholesale cuts and meat carcasses. Being a part of the team provides lessons for future occupations, with experiences in detailed observations, efficient communications, and critical thinking. Students have to opportunity to travel the country competing against other university teams; as they learn, experience, and bond together.

Coach: Dr. Gregg Rentfrow 

Soil Judging Team 

Coach: Dr. A.D. Karathanasis