All students are encouraged to explore the following 2021-22 Winter and Spring courses offered by the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Students may enroll during their regular registration window. Courses with special enrollment instructions or prerequisites are described below. Those satisfying UK Core requirements are also noted. 

Students with questions may reach out to their advisor, the instructor listed below or email

Winter 2021-22 Courses

ENT 110: Insect Biology (Online) 3 credit hours
Satisfies the UK Core Requirement for Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences 
Instructor: Dr. Nicholas Teets,
Description: Overview of the biology of insects. Emphasizes how this enormously abundant and important group of animals has resolved the basic challenges of survival and reproduction. Principles of physiology, behavior, ecology, and evolution are introduced using insects as examples. The roles of both beneficial and detrimental insects will be discussed. No prereqs.

DHN 101: Human Nutrition and Wellness (Online) 3 credit hours

Instructor: Dr. Tammy Stephenson,
Description: Food composition, digestion, absorption and metabolism as related to selection of nutrients essential for human life, growth, reproduction, lactation, wellness and physical activity. No prereqs.

DHN 212: Introductory Nutrition (Online) 3 credit hours
Instructor: Dr. Tammy Stephenson,
Description: An elementary study of the principles of nutrition and the application of these principles to providing adequate nutrition to humans. The chemical and physiological approach to nutrition is emphasized. Prereq: CHE 105 or CHE 103 or CHE 108; plus, past or concurrent BIO 103 or BIO 148 or BIO 152 or BIO 208.

FAM 251 Personal/Family Finance (Online) 3 credit hours
Instructor: Dr. Qun Zhang,
Description: Management of personal and family financial resources throughout the lifespan. A study of individual and family finances as related to planning, credit, savings, investment, insurance, taxes, housing costs, transportation costs, retirement and estate planning.
FAM 301 Supporting Hospitalized Children (Online) 3 credit hours

Instructor: Emily Bollinger,
Description: This course uses Child Life theory to address providing developmentally appropriate psychosocial and emotional support to hospitalized children and their families. Topics will include assessment, common stressors, therapeutic interventions, parent and sibling support, procedural preparation, pain management, and bereavement support.

FAM 357 Adolescent Development (Online) 3 credit hours
Instructor: Dr. Alex Vazsonyi,
Description: This course conducts an in-depth analysis of adolescent development and adjustments using an ecological, multi-contextual framework. The primary focus is on scholarship and empirical evidence from a number of disciplines that have direct bearing on the study of adolescent development, with a particular interest in applying a cross- cultural/national comparative lens

Spring 2022 Courses

ENT 220: Plague, Pests & Pestilence: History & Global Perspective (Online) 3 credit hours
Satisfies the UK Core Requirement for Global Dynamics
Instructor: Dr. Tonja Fisher,
Description: Vectors are living organisms that can transmit infectious diseases between humans or from animals to humans. Vector-borne diseases have impacted human lives and society through history. This introductory course examines the major vector-borne diseases affecting humans through multiple perspectives (biomedical, cultural, political, and social) on a global scale. No prereqs.

ENT 340: Livestock Entomology (TR 9:30 - 10:20) 3 credit hours
Instructor: Dr. Stephen Dobson,
Description: Biology and behavior of insects and other pests attacking livestock, poultry, pets and wildlife. Current control methods are discussed. For students interested in livestock production, farm management, equine management, dairy science, poultry science, and preveterinary medicine, as well as general agriculture. Prereq: One course in introductory biology.

FAM 475: Special Topics - Adolescent Development (W 3:00 - 5:30) 3 credit hours
Instructor: Dr. Alexander Vazsonyl,
Description: This advanced course familiarizes students with some key scholarship on adolescents, their development, and their behaviors. The course is framed by ecological theory and draws upon family studies, psychology, public health and sociology. The format of the course will be seminar style with meetings focusing on discussions, presentations and scholarly readings. Content includes scientific studies on development, global culture and consumerism, transitions to emerging adulthood and more. The course meets with FAM 658. Prereq: Email instructor for approval to enroll.  

PLS 302: Climate Change and Agriculture (TR 3:30 - 4:45) 3 credit hours
Instructor: Dr. Wei Ren,
Description: This course addresses climate change/global warming science, the roles of agriculture in climate change and delivers the necessary knowledge, principles and applications of agrometeorology to understand the interconnectivity of these factors. Topics include the scientific evidence of anthropogenic climate change, climate change impacts on our lives and society, two-way relationships between climate change and agriculture, and the application of multiple approaches in agrometeorology from local to regional and global scales. No prereqs.

UCF 300: Urban and Community Forestry (MW 12:00 - 12:50 + T 4:00 - 6:00 [lab] ) 3 credit hours
Satisfies the intro requirement for the new Urban and Community Forestry Certificate
Instructor: Dr. Chris Sass,
DescriptionThis course will introduce students to core concepts related to urban and community forestry. It seeks to provide a solid foundation in how trees in cities function, how they benefit communities, and how they can be better supported. This course will consist of an introduction to urban and community forestry including modules such as (1) trees and tree health, (2) green infrastructure, planning, and design, (3) environmental education, and (4) trees, human health, and wellness. Prereq: Sophomore standing or higher (or approval of instructor).