Living on campus a big part of the college experience.  

It allows you to take advantage of university resources, connect with other students, and transition to life away from home.  Also, research shows you're more likely to earn better grades if you live on campus. 

About This Program

The Belle C. Gunn First-Year Program is open to all first-semester freshmen at the University of Kentucky.

Through field trips, professional development workshops and service programs, students in our Living Learning Program (LLP) apply their knowledge and passion to global issues at the intersection of food, economics and environment.  All students in this program will also enroll in connected courses, share study groups and have an assigned peer mentor - all to help with the transition to college life. 

While all students will enjoy the same benefits, some events and projects will be geared toward students' preferences and career goals. Depending on interests, each student will join one of the following tracks: 

  • Food & Health 
  • Family & Community 
  • Nature & Landscapes 
  • Livestock & Equine

All students participating in our living learning program will live in Woodland Glen IV, one of the University's newest residence halls

How to Apply

To apply, select the "Belle C. Gunn First-Year Program" while completing the University of Kentucky housing application. For more information, visit the University of Kentucky Housing website

Belle C. Gunn First-Year Program

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Living Learning Program (CAFE LLP) is named after Belle C. Gunn who, in 1888, became the first female graduate of the University of Kentucky (then known as State College of Kentucky).

About Our Namesake

Born Arabella Clement Gunn, the Lexington native spent her childhood on a farm near Shelbyville, Kentucky. While living in Shelby County, she attended the well-respected Science Hill Academy for girls. Her family returned to Lexington in the early 1880s, and Gunn attended the public schools of Lexington and Sayre Institute.

At State College, classmates remembered Gunn as "well above average in scholarship, but not so brilliant as to inspire envy and jealously." She participated fully in the limited social life available, including the literary societies.

Before Commencement exercises that year, President James K. Patterson summoned Gunn to his office. He asked the only woman graduate, "I suppose you will not want to sit up on the platform with the young men on Commencement Day, will you Miss Gunn?"

Gunn's reply was brief and pointed, "I've been through four years in classes with them, and I don't see why I shouldn't sit on the platform with them now."

Our first-year program attracts new freshmen with similar tenacity, grace and ambition demonstrated by Gunn. As the program focuses a number of critical issues at the intersection of food, environment and economics, our students learn how their passion and skills can make an impact on 21st century challenges in Kentucky and around the globe. 



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