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Business & Social Service Bachelor's Programs

From board rooms to classrooms, resort parks to recovery centers, we offer a variety of programs for those interested in people-oriented careers. 

Environmental Bachelor's Programs

We prepare tomorrow's environmental leaders to design, manage, and protect the world's natural resources.

Health-Related Bachelor's & Pre-Professional Programs

These degree programs are for students wanting to enter careers related to healthcare and/or pursue advanced health-related degrees after completing their bachelor's degree.

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Come see for yourself and discover what our college is all about. We offer visits for prospective students to learn more about our academic programs, admissions, housing, scholarships, and more.

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Thanks to our generous donors and alumni, we have one of the largest scholarship programs at the University of Kentucky.

Live With Us

Living on campus is a big part of the freshmen year experience. It's even better when you live and learn with students in your college.

Trouble Choosing a Major?

Choosing a major is a big decision, but you don't have to rush. Our advisors can help you explore your options without wasting time and money.

Pre-Professional Advising

Are you a future doctor? Lawyer? Our advisors can help get you there.

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