Keys to a Positive Advising Experience

  • Come prepared.
  • Be honest with your advisor when discussing grades, current classes, study habits, and interests.
  • Schedule your appointment in a timely manner well in advance of your priority registration window.
  • Be courteous to fellow students and advisors by showing up to your appointment. If you must miss, cancel in advance.
  • Arrive and leave on time. Schedule a second appointment if you require more time.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Follow up with your advisor. 

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

  • Review your major requirements to identify what classes you should be thinking about enrolling in for the next semester.
  • Review the degree audit through myUKGPS. This is a great way to track your academic progress.
  • Check out the schedule of courses for class times and course pre-requisites in the course catalog.
  • In myUK, under degree planning and registration, save the classes you would like to take during next semester. You and your advisor will then discuss these classes during your advising appointment.
  • Degree Planning and Registration > click "Menu" > click "Course Catalog"
  • Review your midterm grades (if available prior to your advising appointment). Be prepared to discuss those grades with your advisor.   
  • Write down questions you may have regarding academics, jobs/internships, getting involved on campus, etc.

Considerations Before Advising and Scheduling Classes

How do you like your current schedule?   
Do you have too many classes?   
Is it too easy?   
Which classes do you like the most and why?

Want to take the “best class ever”?
Be sure to consider the source.   
Is the friend who gave you advice a good student?   
Do they share your interests?   
Do they share your preferred method of learning?   
Are they in your same major?
Are they in the same college?

Do you anticipate having more extracurricular obligations next semester?

Do you like your current major? Have you explored other options?