FAQ University of Kentucky Advising Registration Graduation Repeat Option

Arranged by topic area, the following is a list of questions frequently asked of advisors and faculty in our college. Click the topic headline to see answers to the questions below.  

Please know many of these answers are college-specific.  If you are student outside of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, be sure to check with your college's academic office.


Login to myUK. Click “myRecords”. Your advisor will be listed in the top right hand corner of the page. If you have no advisor please contact the Center for Student Success in N24 Agricultural Science Center at 859-257-3468.

Advising begins three to five weeks before registration opens. You can check the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment  website for exact dates, but its mid-March – mid-April for Summer and Fall terms and mid-October – mid-April for Winter and Spring terms. If you have questions during other times of the year feel free to call or email your advisor with questions or to schedule an appointment.

An advisor hold is in place to ensure that you meet with your advisor and discuss your class schedule prior to registering for classes. If you have met with an advisor, and your hold has not been lifted, please contact the Center for Student Success in N24, Agriculture Science Center or 859-257-3468.

During peak advising times the majority of advisors utilize the myUK scheduler, but each advisor may schedule appointments a little differently.  
Typical Scheduling Instructions:
- Log in to myUK
- Click on 'myInfo"
- Click "myAppointments"
- Select your primary college 
- Click "Academic Advising"
- Choose a date highlighted in blue

If your advisor is unavailable you may meet with another advisor in his/her absence.  Please visit the College of Agriculture website for a complete list of advisors or call 859-257-3468.

It’s important to come prepared. Review your degree requirements by visiting APEX and have an idea of some classes you’d like to take. Keep in mind that some classes are only offered once a year. Write down any questions you may have for your advisor in advance so you don’t forget during your meeting. Most importantly, be on time!

UK Core is the general education component of your degree. It provides students with an opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects and how they can apply to real life. While selecting your UK Core courses please refer to your advisor and your program major sheet. Some degree programs have suggested UK Core courses to fulfill program requirements and/or prerequisites. UK course listings can be found on this page or via the course catalog located in myUK.  

This may be possible if you’ve already taken the course elsewhere; however, it’s best to discuss this with your advisor or the Advising Resource Center prior to filing a petition. If you took the course at another institution and you’re waiting for it to be evaluated check with the Transfer Equivalency Office located in the Funkhouser Building first.

In addition to the Writing Requirement within UK Core  Composition and Communication I and II (CIS/WRD 110 and 111 or CIS/WRD 112), you’re also required to fulfill the GCCR requirement. This requirement ensures a minimum level of writing upon graduation with an undergraduate degree. You must have 30 credit hours earned prior to taking the GCCR course and have credit for UK Core Composition and Communication I and II. Finally, students must earn a “C” average on Comp and Comm intensive assignments to earn GCCR credit.

Yes, however, the internship credit must be approved. Please discuss with your advisor which internship course is best for you. Many programs have a required internship course built into their curriculum. Please take the following steps to enroll:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss the internship. It’s a good idea to have this conversation the semester before you intend to begin an internship.
  2. Before your appointment, review the learning contract (need to link).
  3. Complete the document after speaking with your advisor.
  4. Acquire signatures: Your advisor, the chair of your department and don’t forget your own signature.
  5. Speak with your advisor about the submission process. Some forms must be turned into the department and others can be turned directly into N24 Agricultural Science Center.


Registering for Courses

Registration windows are based on how many hours you have earned. If you are registered with the Disability Resource Center, classified as an athlete, are in the Honors Program, or are a veteran you may have an earlier registration window. To view your registration window you may refer to the current schedule book or login to myUK. Click “Plan and register for Courses.” Your window will be listed at the top of the screen.

Login to myUK. Click “Plan and register for Courses.” Select the term you would like to register for on the top right side of the screen. You may now click on “Search Course Catalog” and enter the class prefix, class number and section number. If you are unsure of the section number you simply enter the class prefix or use the drop down option.   

For exact dates please refer to the University Academic Calendar. Typically, you may add a class during the first week of the semester and drop a class during the first three weeks. If you choose to drop a class after the last day a “w” (withdrawal) will be placed on your transcript.

During the approved withdrawal period you may withdraw from a class for academic reasons. The date varies a little each semester, please visit the University Academic Calendar for specific dates. To withdraw, visit myUK, click ”Plan and register for Courses”, select the appropriate semester from the drop down box on the top right side of the screen, click on the edit button to the right of the class you wish to withdraw from. Click “drop course” highlighted in red. If it is after the approved time to withdraw from a class for academic reasons and you need to withdraw for a non-academic reason you may schedule an appointment with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs by calling 859-257-3469. This process will not work to withdraw from all of your classes (see FAQ: How can I withdraw from UK?)

It may - especially if the drop will place you in part-time status (i.e., below 12 hours). Contact the UK Financial Aid office to be sure. 

Priority registration is based on the number of credit hours you’ve already earned. If you’ve missed your priority registration window you will have other opportunities to register. Refer to myUK for your specific registration dates and times. Click “Plan and register for Courses.” Your registration window will be displayed on the screen.

A full-time student may take 19 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters, 4 credit hours during Summer I and 9 credit hours during summer II. However, if you’re on academic probation the maximum number of credit hours you may take is: 15 hours during the fall and spring semesters, 3 credit hours during summer I and 7 credit hours during summer II. For a student in good standing with a strong GPA it may be possible to get a credit overload override by contacting the Advising Resource Center at 859-257-3468 or 859-257-2855. You may be required to schedule an appointment.

There are two ways to check which classes are being offered in the upcoming semester(s). You may check the registrar’s website. Click on “Students” on the left side of the page. Then click on “Registration” on the center of the page. You may also login to myUK, click “Plan and register for Courses;” “Search Course Catalog.”

Some classes offer an electronic waitlist. A student may place him/herself on the waitlist. Once a seat in the class is available the student will automatically be enrolled in the order in which they are waitlisted. It’s important for the student to check on the waitlist to find out if they do get enrolled in the class. Contact the appropriate department for additional details. If a student is still on an electronic waitlist at the end of the last day to add a class (one week after classes begin), the student will be dropped from the waitlist. Please have a backup plan in place.

This is college and department specific. Please contact the college to find out what their override request procedure is. Within the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment it’s best to contact the instructor.

However, Agricultural Economics courses have an override coordinator; call 859-257-7264 and tell the person that answers that you’d like to request an override. You’ll be sent a form to fill out and return as soon as possible.

If you’re told an electronic override was issued you may register for the course through myUK, as you usually would. Otherwise, please contact the Center for Student Success at 859-257-3468.

Repeat Options

During your undergraduate career at UK you have three available repeat options. You may only use one repeat option per class. You may only use a repeat option to replace a grade in a class you completed (you may not file a repeat option for a class you’ve withdrawn from). If you repeat a class more than twice the second time will still replace the first time you completed the course. A student must be currently enrolled and may not have already graduated.

The form is available online or by visiting the Center for Student Success.  You’ll need to complete and return the form to N24 Ag. Science North. You must be currently enrolled and you may not have already graduated.

Majors & Minors

Choosing a major can be stressful. It's even common for students to change their major. Our college offers great support for students who are exploring their options. Click here to learn more. 

Majors can be changed via the online major change system (OMC) in myUK.  Some programs have selective admission, if you’re planning to earn a degree in the following colleges you’ll need to contact them to apply prior to changing your major: Business & Economics, Nursing, Social Work, Health Sciences, or Communications and Information Studies. 

If you’re changing your major within the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment it can be done at any time via the online major change system (OMC). To transfer out of the college please refer to the University Academic Calendar.

A student working towards a degree will complete all university, college, major and pre-major requirements. In addition, a student may choose to complete all major and pre-major requirements in another area. This may be done concurrently or once the first degree is earned. It will not result in additional degrees. However, the second major will be reflected on the student’s transcript. It is recommended that a student have an advisor in their degree area as well as their second major area. Please note a graduate student must have special permission from the graduate school to add a double major.

Double or tertiary majors can be added through the online major change system (OMC). 

A dual degree will result in two earned degrees. A student must complete all university, college, pre-major, and major requirements for the primary degree and for the secondary degree; however, it is possible for requirements in one degree to fulfill parallel requirements in the second degree. A student must earn a minimum of 144 between both degrees. Students may earn two degree concurrently and are required to have an advisor in each degree program.

If you are a current CAFE student, please email cafeadvising@uky.edu from your UKY email address to declare a dual degree. 

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Student ID#
  • The degree designation for your second degree (BA or BS)
  • The major you would like to declare for your second degree

A minor is a structured group of courses that leads to a solid understanding of a subject, although with less depth than a major.

Depending on interests and career goals, some students choose to complement their major program with a minor in a related field or even in an entirely different field of interest.

To see minors in our college, click here

Minors and certificates can be added or changed through the online major change system (OMC). 

Majors, minors, and certificates can be deleted through the online major change system (OMC). 

The OMC is located in myUK under the student services > Degree planning and registration (myUK GPS). On the right-hand side, you will see a box that says 'My Program of Study.' Within that box is a link to request a major change. That link will allow you to request all changes, additions, and deletions.

While many of the degree programs within the college have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.0, some do have selective admission or require a higher GPA. For a complete list of degree requirements please see the appropriate major sheet.


You must complete a degree application the semester before you graduate. Applications may be submitted via myUK or myGPS.

  • April 1: deadline for May and August grads
  • November 1: deadline for December grads

Prior to applying for graduation, you will want to run a degree audit to ensure you have completed all requirements. 

Click here for step-by-step instructions. 

Yes, the University holds Commencement at Rupp Arena in May and December. Please go to www.uky.edu/commencement in mid October to register for the December commencement or early March to register for the May Commencement. If you’re unable to attend you aren’t required to let anyone know.

Yes, a cap and gown are required. You may purchase/order a cap and gown during Grad Salute or at the UK Bookstore.

Agriculture, Food and Environment students wear a Maize colored tassel.

You may check your unofficial transcript and look at your cumulative GPA. The break- down is as follows for University Commencement honors:


  • 3.4 – 3.59 cum laude
  • 3.6 – 3.79 magna cum laude
  • 3.8 – 4.0 summa cum laude

Students with a minimum of two (60 hours) but less than three years (90 hours) of work at the University will receive the appropriate commencement honors if they attain a grade-point average of 0.2 greater than those specified for three years of residence work (at UK).  

Diplomas are typically mailed out within 3-4 months of your degree completion. The diploma will be sent to the address you provided when you filled out your degree application via myUK. NOTE: Unpaid dues and fees may delay receipt. 

Hurdles & Rebound

First, discuss the problem with your instructor if you’re comfortable doing so. If you feel you have an academic problem and you’re unable to resolve it with your instructor you may schedule an appointment with the Associate Dean for Instruction located in N6 Agricultural Science Cemter by calling 859-257-3469.

Another option available to you is to contact the University Academic Ombud. The Ombud, located in 109 Bradley Hall, is available to assist students and instructors in resolving academic conflicts. The office keeps everything said confidential and will not notify anyone of your situation without permission.

To begin the process, please contact the Center for Student Success located in N24 Agricultural Science Center at 859-257-3468.

For reinstatement into the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment please contact the Center for Student Success at 859-257-3469 to schedule an appointment. The procedure varies depending on first or second reinstatement. 

Prior to the last day to withdraw for academic reasons you may go to the Registrar’s office in 10 Funkhouser and fill out a form there. After the last date to withdraw for academic reasons, you will need to schedule an appointment by calling N24 Ag. Science North at 859-257-3468.